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Symbols have been amongst humanity much longer than the written word and carry energetic imprints that either heal or harm. Since the ancient days all cultures in this world have and are still using symbols for different purposes. Some symbols are created to signify a connection or membership to a group, a tribe or a gang. Most if not all religions have a symbol representing their membership. Businesses use logos to create a brand and some brands have become such a phenomena; they reach cult status which then forms a modern day fellowship. Included in this are symbols that are created to warn off, dominate or push others away – think biker gangs, tattoos, the cross in the Roman days, the skull on a bottle of poison etc. In any case, they usually signify a key to a membership or represent a form of belonging or in many cases a desire to belong, symbolising a chosen lifestyle.  

And then there are those symbols that are here to offer healing – they are designed by combining esoteric numerology and colour with sacred geometry. Universal Healing Symbols are exactly that – symbols i.e. configurations, angles, geometry, colours and imprints that are respectful to energetic integrity that help shift harmful energies we pick up in our everyday life. 

Universal Healing Symbols are impressed to Serge Benhayon. They represent a point on earth through which light energy can be transmitted for the occurrence of a transmutation. A true energetic healing occurs when low vibrations are changed to high vibrations, i.e. heavy energy is transmuted to light energy. 

In each and all cases, the symbols are energetic imprints before they are form. Based on this Ancient Wisdom as well as what Albert Einstein not that long ago re-iterated; it is now known throughout physics that everything is energy (E =mc2). Serge Benhayon since 1999 has highlighted the fact that, “If everything is energy – everything has to be because of energy (or has to be caused by energy)”. This confirms and explains how symbols work – a mark of any kind, no matter what it is, will always leave an energetic imprint. If it is a healing or harming mark will always be felt in the body of someone that is living true to their nature in correspondence with their inner-heart. 

The intention of these revolutionary healing symbols ​is to assist with healing.

We do not claim any results being achieved through using these symbols, but what we can say is that the Universal Healing Symbol Cards have helped and worked for hundreds of people from all walks of life that have reported back to us, having experienced an energetic shift in their body after trialling a Universal Healing Symbol for 20 minutes. These symbols are embraced globally by many people and have become a part of their lifestyle, supporting them to walk through life more balanced and empowered with a body that is lighter due to the release/transmutation of the ill-energetic configurations.

The many testimonials received speak for the symbols and their efficacy, for those that choose to make them a part of their life. ​The fact of symbolism throughout human existence cannot be denied – we live in a world full of visuals, animated and inanimate that communicate with use through the language of symbolism every moment of the day – constantly. A mental approach to any symbol will never provide the evidence/understanding of what the body has already felt and connected to – such is the intelligence of our bodies’ particles. 

When using the symbol cards all you need to do is tune in, feel and realise how on a subtle level energies are being transmuted and shifted out of your body, that is all of your subtle energetic layers of the body as well as the physical body during the use of these symbols. The transmutation passes through the body when lying or sitting on top of the symbol. If you laminate and by that protect the card from damage you can use it for years to come. 


Serge Benhayon began using his own healing symbols in 1999. These were only for private use i.e. only used by his family. When Desiree Delaloye, a graphic artist and someone who always worked with symbolism in her work, met Serge Benhayon in 2001, it became apparent that there were many that were interested to explore and or experience the possible benefits of Healing Symbols.


Consequently and since 2003, Universal Healing Symbols have supplied the Healing Symbol Cards, Personal Symbols and Business Clearing Symbols to customers worldwide. The 10 different Healing Symbol cards are widely embraced and offer people a pause, a moment to re-connect and re-settle in themselves – something that can be a challenge in this day and age.


The business has since grown, by word of mouth only, due to the benefit and support customers have felt from using their Personal Symbol, their Business Clearing Symbol and the Healing Symbols Cards.


PERSONAL SYMBOL – I experienced a lot of support and strength in myself. A really strong connection and alignment with my Soul. It is like I will not falter on my path. It gives me a very strong presence and protection. I had very good experiences with all the other symbols as well, using them a lot in my everyday life, especially in meditation and during healing sessions and in times of need for support.

J. A., Cologne, Germany



A.B.N. 258-3375-6131

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